Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Mirror Of The Nameless coming (very) soon

My Lovecraftian novella The Mirror Of The Nameless is published on 1st September in print and ebook which, as you can imagine, I'm very happy about. It was originally published about six years ago in ebook only and went out of print when the original publisher closed. So, having it back to life and in paperback as well is pretty sweet. It also gave me chance to revisit the story for the first time in a while and write a prequel novel which will be published hopefully early next year.

I've always been fond of Mirror because it's all story. I knew it was going to a be a novella so I didn't have the space to bog it down with too much background. Hence why it's one of those tales that's on the move before page one. The reader can get on board or get knocked down. As I've said more than once before, it's Mad Max meets Lovecraft. So it's that your thing, get yourself a copy next weekend.

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