Sunday, 25 November 2018

Trusting to luck?

You may or may not have noticed I've made some changes to the look of my blog recently - hopefully, it's clearer and refreshed. I've added a contact me form over on the right, changed the fonts etc and binned about four years worth of posts. I started this blog back in late 2011 and it was beginning to feel too busy for my taste which is why the oldest post here is now no longer the very first (funnily enough, my first two posts were the ones with the highest hit rate).

Blogging definitely feels a bit old hat now - asking readers, potential or otherwise, to actively seek out my rambling thoughts instead of posting an instant tweet or delivering my news right to their inbox with a newsletter. For what it's worth, I've got this blog, Twitter and a newsletter so take your pick on how you'd like to hear from me. It's funny how things change especially in publishing. Just before my first book was published, every single publisher I checked out specified their writers had to have a site/blog with plenty of them also saying you had to have a Facebook page. These days, the focus appears to be more on newsletters, but I wonder if they've had their time as well - unless you're a big name, of course. I think there's a good chance people just think it's yet another email to read so I'll bin it or save it for later and then never go back to it. The old problem for the writer is how to tell the readers about their books without boring them. Twitter, blog, newsletter, word of mouth, trusting to luck...

Honestly? I still have no idea.

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