Saturday, 29 December 2018

Where I've been and where I'm going: 2018 and 2019

Time for the obligatory end of year/looking ahead to the next year post. So...

Good stuff happened in 2018 on the publishing front. I brought my second book back to life after it went down the toilet when the original publisher closed best part of five years ago. 'Set became Dead Sun - and is still my sole dark fantasy. It hasn't set the world on fire in terms of sales, sadly, so I don't think I'll be investing the time in writing more dark fantasy novels, but I am proud of that book and it's a tale I like very much.
The Unredeemed and Ascent were published by Hellbound Books. In the case of Ascent, that was its second go as another publisher folded soon after putting it out. There are still plans from Hellbound to release an audiobook version of The Unredeemed which is a first for me so that's pretty sweet.
Kensington Gore released The Mirror Of The Nameless which was yet another 'coming back to life' for me although it was the first time it'd been in paperback as well as ebook. I worked hard and fast on a prequel novel for Mirror which I'm pretty sure is one of the best things I've written. Maybe there's something to be said for working to a deadline. Or maybe that violent world of pulp horror gods and OTT action is something I'm better at than I realised.
My short story The Mouth At The Edge Of The World was due to be published in November but delays with the printers has meant the publisher needs to put it back to hopefully next month. No other shorts on the horizon although that's mainly down to my lack of submitting them. The market appears to have shrunk over the last year and that's especially true with paying markets. I'd rather keep hold of my work than get nothing back for it.

Being completely honest, this year's books haven't made me a ton of cash or garnered a lot of reviews. I'd love more of both, of course, but it feels like it's out of my hands. Other than spreading the word and hoping each new book boosts older titles, I'm pretty limited in terms of marketing which is why I always say that if any reader can do me a favour and post a brief review, that would be a massive help.

2019 plans - the prequel to Mirror I mentioned is set for the next couple of months. The Day Of The New Gods is a balls to the wall action horror about a group of criminals in the mid 80s who aren't going quietly into the night when the gods come a knocking. That'll be out from Kensington Gore soon.
The Dead Room is one of my favourites and I'm beyond thrilled Hellbound will be releasing it. It's an end of the world tale as seen through the eyes of two women who've lost just about everything. But then, there's always a level below rock bottom, isn't there?
The Dead Room is also coming soon and I'm hoping for good news on another book as well as sending out a brand new one in the next couple of weeks - it's a fresh genre for me. More thriller than horror but as I've said before, horror is a big genre with many sub divisions. When the shit gets bad, there's not much of a gap between the levels of darkness we can find ourselves in.

I'm hoping (always hoping) next year takes my writing and success to a higher level. After more than twenty years of submitting work to publishers and agents, it does get harder to hope, but who else is going write my stories?

That's about it for this year, I think.

Long days and pleasant nights.

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