Wednesday, 23 January 2019

New book sale - Pandemonium

Been sitting on this news since last week but now the contract is signed, I can reveal I've sold a fourth book to Hellbound Publishing. Pandemonium will be published at some point in the next year - to go with The Unredeemed, Ascent, and The Dead Room. As you can imagine, I'm extremely happy about this. It's months in the future, of course, which is just how publishing works. In the meantime, here's the blurb.

Kidnapped in broad daylight from a busy Edinburgh street, Hannah Wilson has no idea what her abductors want with her or why they tell her she’s perfectly safe when she’s terrified for her life.

Transported to the far north of Scotland with dozens of others yanked from their lives across Britain, Hannah is taken to an isolated compound nicknamed Pandemonium, a place ruled by creatures that should exist only in nightmares. Miles away from help, her family under threat if she disobeys any order, Hannah knows the only way she’ll survive her captivity is to refuse to be a victim. But she’s running out of time to convince the other hostages to take their fight to the black heart of the prison. And Hannah is yet to discover she is not the only one about to start a war.

In Pandemonium, all Hell is going to break out.

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