Saturday, 19 January 2019

The Day Of The New Gods - (also) published in March

Spinning off last week's post about The Dead Room being published in March, I have news on the prequel to The Mirror Of The Nameless. Turns out The Day Of The New Gods will also be published in March. Two books, two publishers (in two countries for that matter) but the same month.

Publishing is a funny game. Shag all happens for ages and then I get two books released in the same month. Anyway, The Day Of The New Gods is everything I liked about Mirror (violence, horror, full on balls to the wall batshit action) and taken up a notch. Because if you're going to do this sort of Lovecraft meets The Long Good Friday thing, then why not go big?

So, as usual, cover, blurb and a sneaky peek to come at some point in the next few weeks. And if any reviewers and bloggers fancy a go of either new book, just let me know or the publishers (for The Dead Room, it's Hellbound Books and for Day, it's Kensington Gore).

Both publishers will be happy to sort you out with review copies.

In the meantime, I suppose I best start planning a new book.

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