Saturday, 9 March 2019

The Day Of The New Gods - a bit of background

In the lead up to The Day Of The New Gods being published, I was thinking about where it came from and how it developed last year. The funny thing is most of my books take a hell of a lot longer than Day did from the basic idea to outline to first draft to the final version. Obviously, submitting to publishers and then waiting to hear back adds to the timescale (publishing exists in its own time zone outside the rest of the universe). I came up with the rough idea for Day last year after The Mirror Of The Nameless was accepted by Kensington Gore for re-publication and KS wanted a second book to go with Mirror. At that point, all I had in mind were a group of bad guys who have to step up when faced with a much more dangerous threat than they are. I knew it would be set in the recent past but beyond that, there wasn't much there.

After a week or so, I re-read through Mirror before sending in the final version and realised I had a lot of room to play with. My world ruled over by terrible gods who've been in control of everything for more than thirty years meant most of the characters didn't know anything different and as history was a mess thanks to the constant threat of extinction and constant violence, the background to the gods' arrival was up in the air. That got me thinking about the moment between normal life and the instant of the gods' coming to Earth. That second when everything changed.

So, my bad guys and a precise point in time in which the world began its slide down to the utter shithole that is Britain (and everywhere else for that matter) in The Mirror Of The Nameless. More than those two points, though, I had my childhood of TV and films that feel in memory to be grittier than a lot of modern fiction. 1980s Britain wasn't a happy place for much of the country (thank God everything's just so great now, eh?) and that discontent with a longing for a better life through just about any means necessary was a fact of life for a lot of people. It's definitely the case for my characters in Day. They're criminals. They're dangerous. They're also fathers and friends. And they're not taking any shit from the Lovecraftian horrors invading Earth.

Like most of my fiction, the story and characters from Day were always there. They grow out of my memories, experiences just as they do from imagination. And these boys are hard bastards. With guns.

You can buy The Day Of The New Gods at these links:

UK - New Gods
US - New Gods

And The Mirror Of The Nameless is this way:

UK - Mirror
US - Mirror

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