Saturday, 27 April 2019

The Dead Room - available now

It was published yesterday but wasn't listed until early this morning (UK time) so I haven't posted it until now. In any case, here's The Dead Room in ebook and paperback. As I've said before, I'm particularly proud of this one. If you enjoy it, you owe my wife some thanks as she was its first reader and convinced me I had something not too bad in my story.

Universal (hopefully) links below.

A week before Christmas, terrorists detonate dozens of dirty bombs throughout Britain and release a man-made contagion, leading Nicola Allen to begin a frantic hunt for her husband and daughter while a nation burns.

Fleeing from a horrendous event she refuses to speak of and desperate to find shelter in a dying country, Nicola's sister-in-law, Cate, takes cover in a partly destroyed hospital. Terrorised by visions of mutilated bodies and the screams of phantom children, Cate joins a group of survivors, all of whom are under attack by ruthless scavengers and looters.

If Nicola is to have any chance of finding her family and if Cate is to escape from the siege, they must reunite and then descend into the belly of the ruined hospital where the horrific truth of what truly connects the two women is waiting for them.

Waiting for them down in the dead room.

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