Saturday, 27 November 2021

Winter Graves cover reveal

Been a fair while since I last blogged. To be honest, there hasn't been a lot of book news other than working on edits for my agent, checking my email and outlining a few new ideas. But now I'm back with an update - it's cover reveal time for my new horror from Hellbound. I'm very happy to share the cover for Winter Graves and to say it'll be published on Tuesday.
While the worst winter to hit Britain for decades paralyses the country, a brutal killer is targeting teenage girls. Beside a lonely stretch of river, Jimmy Marshall witnesses the first murder take place. Powerless to stop it, Jimmy tells himself there was nothing he could have done. But now a second victim has been discovered. And a third. The police suspect Jimmy knows more than he’s saying and the criminal family of one of the girls want answers by any means necessary.

As Jimmy desperately tries to uncover his connection to the violence, the anniversary of another terrible event is rapidly approaching in the howling winds and the blizzards. Born in the snow and the ice, something monstrous connected to Jimmy’s past is reaching a grasping hand into his present.

Caught in a hell twenty years in the making, Jimmy has three days to find an inhuman murderer before the white of a nation’s winter runs red with blood.

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