Sunday, 29 September 2019

Bad news, good news (The Kindred)

Some of the real life stuff I've mentioned has come to pass. Long story short, I've been made redundant from my job working in a library for the last fifteen years. As you can imagine, this is pretty shit. I'm gutted to leave colleagues and the boxes of new books every week, but this is how it goes especially for libraries over the last ten years in particular.

On the plus side, I have some excellent news. To go with my other titles from Hellbound Books, I have another to be published. The Kindred will be out next year. Very early days, of course, so all I can tell you is this one is dark. And here's the blurb.

Ten years after nuclear war devastates Britain, Lazarus and his adoptive siblings are flesh and blood to each other; to their victims, they are ruthless killers. Now their next target, a group of men seemingly made soft by a decade of hiding in underground bunkers, welcome the upcoming attack because they are far from weak. Armed and prepared, they are ready for Lazarus and his family.

In the ensuing violence, lost and alone, Lazarus is desperate to make it through the irradiated wasteland to his family before their captors reach a new government forming in Dover. Armed only with his knife, Lazarus is bearing down on the men who would dare harm his kin.

But unknown to either side, a terrible secret waits far below Dover Castle, lost for decades in the wartime tunnels.

A secret infinitely more dangerous than any killer.

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