Friday, 27 December 2019


At this time of the year, a lot of writers do a look back on their achievements. I've done the same once or twice. Frankly, I have sod all interest in doing so for 2019. Personally, this year has been a massive turd. Losing my dad, losing my job and losing much of the sense of being able to write anything of quality. I still wrote during this shitstorm, but most of the stuff I produced was piss poor. On the plus side, I'm immensely proud of the books I had published and while they haven't won any awards, garnered much in the way of reviews or sales (what was my point with this?), they are some damn good books.

So, goodbye and good riddance to 2019 in a few days. Onwards to 2020 and my plans. I start a new job in January which is a massive change (as well as being a massive relief) after fifteen years in the same role. It's different hours than I'm used to, so I need to work out a balance of my working life and writing instead of having more or less every evening and weekend free to write.

Book wise, Pandemonium will be out very soon and The Kindred will follow later in the year. Two very different books and tales I hope, as always, will get me noticed. It would be nice after close to a decade of being published and writing 'professionally' for twenty-five to have something to show for it. Other book plans: I'm pushing through a fourth draft of a book I started at the beginning of 2019 which is at least one draft more than I usually do; plus, with working on the same tale for an entire year, I'm utterly sick of it. This one is the book that fell apart twice due to upheaval in my personal life; the book I honestly thought would have to be binned at several points. The end is in sight on a finished version and I feel like I'm crawling back to the light with writing. I have no idea if this will one will go anywhere especially as it's different to my usual stuff and I'm not considering that at the moment. It's just a case of getting the story told and moving on to the next.

Short stories have been thin on the ground for a long while in terms of publication but not writing. I've come up with several over the last year but not edited them or submitted them anywhere. I have plans for them which I'll detail at some point - it depends on a few things out of my control. On a side note with short stories, it does seem the market is shrinking and definitely so in terms of a paying market. Out of all the creative arts, writing is probably the one most likely to be expected to be done for free. The idea that any creative should be paid for their work and time in the same way we would pay anyone is alien to a lot of people. Modern life, man.

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Okay, I'm out until next year. Be good and let's bring on the better days.

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