Thursday, 5 November 2020

The Mirror of the Nameless is coming back (and more)

Several months back, my books The Mirror of the Nameless and The Day of the New Gods went out of print due to issues at the publisher. I'd begun work on a third and final part in the series, and Day had been out for barely a year, so I wasn't keen to just let them go. Trouble is, getting reprints accepted by a new publisher is close to impossible. After working through them over the summer, I'm ready to announce that I'll be publishing the two books myself with the third coming after. To that end, a revised and expanded version of Mirror will be published in about a month. New scenes, new cover and new blurb. Speaking of which...

For thirty years, three monstrous gods have ruled over the planet and turned it into a living nightmare. Dave Anderson knows the only way to avoid being sacrificed to the gods by the authoritarian government is to keep his head down and ask no questions. But now, his teenage daughter Ashleigh has discovered that there may be a way to vanquish the world’s terrible rulers. Hidden in a long dead writer’s fiction, clues have sent her on a life or death mission to a legendary weapon which can open the way to another world.

Pursued through a burning hellscape by a lawless group of killers intent on offering him to the gods, Dave is running out of time to find Ashleigh and save her soul as well as her life. But even as he battles his way through the blood and terror, Dave is yet to discover the gods will wipe out everything before they let him find the door to other worlds. Because they know what lurks on the other side of that door. A horror that dwarfs their evil a thousandfold.

The Nameless.



Monday, 26 October 2020

The Kindred - opening scene

 Fancy a look at the opening scene to my new book The Kindred? Of course you do. Hit the link after the excerpt for the book in paperback and Kindle.


Lazarus kicked through a scummy puddle, and the water soaked into the frayed hem of his trousers. The freezing splash barely registered; he ducked back for an instant to avoid the swing of his brother’s axe as Dumah attacked the flimsy wood placed over the broken window. A second later, Lazarus smashed his cleaver into the lower section of the doors and split the bottom of an office chair that had been wedged against it on the other side. He tugged the blade free and heard the brittle tinkle of breaking glass above as Candace struck a pane and the remains fell inwards. The volley of their thuds and the metal squealing on decaying wood and already damaged glass rang through the pre-dawn gloom. Hot saliva squirted over his tongue and teeth and he doubled his efforts on the lower section of the entrance to the police station, eagerly breaking pieces of the frame loose and throwing them to the steps and road at their back where the night still held firm. Dumah lowered his axe and smashed his shoulder into the weakest spot of the entrance. More wood snapped; the doors swung inwards before jamming against a jumble of office furniture. In the clatter of collapsing chairs and shelving units long since made rotten by their exposure to the outside air, Candace loosed her raging screams, and the sound spurred Lazarus on. He used his build, slighter than Dumah’s, to shoulder the entrance.

The doors broke in two, the upper section tilting over to come free and join the debris coating the floor of the station’s reception. Ears ringing, Lazarus still heard a distinct slam from somewhere inside.

Grunting, he pushed at the opening they’d created, and a large hand clamped down on his shoulder.

It was Priest.

“Slow,” he whispered, and Lazarus nodded, embarrassed to be taken over by his hunger.

Dumah clambered through the opening and Candace followed immediately with her usual smooth movement despite carrying the cleaver in her sole hand. Lazarus followed his older sister, rapidly shifting to the side so Priest, then little Martha could enter. Inside, each spread across the floor. The echo of the brief crash from a few seconds before remained in Lazarus’s ears. He peered to all sides, attempting to locate the source of the sound that had, without question, been a slamming door. While the last of the night offered little moonlight and there would doubtless be no sun breaking through the damaged sky shortly, a few glimmering beams falling through holes in the ceiling meant he could make out the basics of the room.

Mess across the floor; rusting pipes and thin cables in the ceiling, and a long, flat surface stretching from wall to wall. There were a few doorways on his right, but no actual doors. Lazarus followed Priest who led them to an open section of the flat surface, walking as if he knew the police station inside out.

There was little space for them to spread apart on the other side of the desk or table or whatever it had been used before now. Lazarus was pressed close to Candace and he brushed his fingers on her narrow hip that jutted through her heavy coat. She shifted to welcome the pressure for a moment. In front of her, Dumah a step behind Priest; behind Lazarus, Martha with her butcher knife and her breath hot and quick on his forearm where the tattered sleeves of his coat had ridden high.

“Door,” Priest whispered and pulled on a handle.

Friday, 2 October 2020

The Kindred published today

Here it is - my new one is published today in paperback and Kindle. The Kindred is possibly my darkest book and I'm oddly proud of the fact a literary agent passed on it because 'it's too dark to publish'. Anyway, link below. Hope you like. And feel free to spread the word.



Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The Kindred cover reveal (and publication date)

Here it is - the cover to my next one. The Kindred will be published on 2nd October and I can't wait for this one to be out in the world. It's possibly my darkest tale. Let me know if you agree.

Anyway, over to the cover:

Sunday, 16 August 2020

Winter Graves

Been busy with the new book and the new job lately (along with the collapse of the entire planet), so very little time for blogging. Cry your pardon. Anyway, good news my end - I've signed a contract on a new book from Hellbound Books. Following The Kindred at some point hopefully soon, Winter Graves will be out next year. It's more of a crime horror than my usual stuff, but as I keep saying, horror is a massive area with a lot of room to play in. Plus I like to keep things fresh with my writing.

So, over to the cover blurb to give you an idea what to expect:

While the worst winter to hit Britain for decades paralyses the country, a brutal killer is targeting teenage girls. Beside a lonely stretch of river, Jimmy Marshall witnesses the first murder take place. Powerless to stop it, Jimmy tells himself there was nothing he could have done. But now a second victim has been discovered. And a third. The police suspect Jimmy knows more than he’s saying and the criminal family of one of the girls want answers by any means necessary.

As Jimmy desperately tries to uncover his connection to the violence, the anniversary of another terrible event is rapidly approaching in the howling winds and the blizzards. Born in the snow and the ice, something monstrous connected to Jimmy’s past is reaching a grasping hand into his present.

Caught in a hell twenty years in the making, Jimmy has three days to find an inhuman murderer before the white of a nation’s winter runs red with blood.

That's it for now. Be good. Be safe.