Thursday 31 December 2020

2020 over and out

2020 is on its way out and I doubt many people will be sad to see the back of a pretty awful year. 2019 was a nightmare for me on a personal scale while this year. . .well, if you're still here, you know the score.

Three of my books went out of print which was a big downer, to be honest. More so because I'd started work on a new tale connnected to two of those books. On the plus side, I reprinted one (The Mirror Of The Nameless) and am a couple of months away from reprinting the second with the final one following later. 

I also got back into writng short pieces after leaving them for a while. I've currently got fifteen out on submission so hoping for good news in the next few weeks or months. I had two new books published (Pandemonium and The Kindred) which was sweet even if the first one came out the same week Covid meant the UK went into a national lockdown so it sank without trace.



Going into 2021, I've got the two books connected to Mirror coming along with my crime/horror Winter Graves from Hellbound. Next week, I'm starting work on a brand new book which I'm really excited about. I've often mentioned changing angles with my fiction to keep things fresh; with that in mind, this one is potentially looking like a horror/thriller rather than out and out horror. I'm also coming at it without a detailed outline. First time I've done this in best part of twenty years. Again, keeping it fresh. Or it's a terrible idea and the whole thing will crash and burn 20k in.

Lastly (and going back to the books connected to Mirror), I have the cover ready for the prequel. The Day Of The New Gods will be re-released in April. These three books are my Friday night with a few beers type books. OTT, violent, action horror. I describe Mirror as Mad Mad meets Lovecraft. Day is Lovecraft meets The Long Good Friday. I've had a blast writing all three which I hope comes across in the books.


Anyway, keep going, people. We're in for some bad times but we have to hope we can get through them bruised, not broken.

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