Friday 4 December 2020

The Mirror Of The Nameless out now

Here it is, people. The Mirror Of The Nameless is back to life in paperback and Kindle. It's been revised and expanded from the original release with around 10k of extra words which means more scenes, more horror, more good stuff. The Kindle edition is only 99p (or not much more depending where you are) and the paperback isn't too pricey, either. The prequel, The Day of the New Gods, will follow early next year along with the third and final part in the series - The Nameless. I've had a lot of fun with these books so hopefully, that's come across in the finished tales. And I'm sending out my newsletter this weekend with a cheeky look at the book, so sign up here:

Anyway, here we go.

For thirty years, three monstrous gods have ruled over the planet and turned it into a living nightmare. Dave Anderson knows the only way to avoid being sacrificed to the gods by the authoritarian government is to keep his head down and ask no questions. But now, his teenage daughter Ashleigh has discovered that there may be a way to vanquish the world’s terrible rulers. Hidden in a long dead writer’s fiction, clues have sent her on a life or death mission to a legendary weapon which can open the way to another world.

Pursued through a burning hellscape by a lawless group of killers intent on offering him to the gods, Dave is running out of time to find Ashleigh and save her soul as well as her life. But even as he battles his way through the blood and terror, Dave is yet to discover the gods will wipe out everything before they let him find the door to other worlds. Because they know what lurks on the other side of that door. A horror that dwarfs their evil a thousandfold.

The Nameless.

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